Everything around us is coloured by how we feel within ourselves.

The world is coloured by how we feel within

Everything around us is coloured by how we feel within ourselves.

I’ve had times where all the colour leached out of the world; it became a barren desert. I felt hollow inside. Each breath suffocated me. My body became dead weight and the air seemed to thicken so that walking became wading through treacle. Simply getting out of bed was exhausting.

I was listless yet restless, unable to focus on anything for more than a few seconds. I would constantly lose my train of thought, couldn’t sit down for more than a few minutes, couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do. I would sit in one place, then another, then another, unable to put my mind to anything. I was so tired. Sleeping was blissful escape.

During this time, you could’ve showed me the most beautiful thing in the world and I would’ve felt nothing.

So many of us spend so much time trying to find happiness from external things. For some people it might be having success in a career, for others finding the perfect relationship. Some might chase fame, others might leave everything behind to travel the world. All of these things can bring some level of satisfaction, but happiness and fulfilment can only ever truly come from within.The world is coloured by how we feel within ourselves.

 I used to think that if only I achieved this, or that, or travelled here, or there, that life would suddenly all click into place. I imagined having a high-paid job with lots of responsibility which would allow me to travel the world, live in a fancy high-rise apartment, own a slick sports car. I would go for cocktails on Friday nights, wear expensive dresses and heels, have the perfect boyfriend.

When I look back, it makes me laugh that I once pined after that lifestyle!

I haven’t worn heels in years! I love them, but I can’t walk in them and they are so restrictive. I don’t want to totter around – I want to be able to run about and feel free! I wear trainers ALL THE TIME now, even when I dress up. They’re just so comfy.

I realised quite a few years ago that this whole lifestyle I dreamed about was a mere product of a society which taught me that this is what I should want. Go to school, work hard, graduate, find a well paid job, work my way up the corporate ladder. Be successful and buy all the accoutrements that come with that success – a house, a car, a holiday a few times a year. That would make me happy, I was told.

But success is so much more than money, power or status

It’s having loving, fulfilling relationships with friends and family. It’s doing what makes you happy. It’s finding the magic in the everyday. It’s realising that all we ever need is already within us. All we need to do is practice looking within.

You can travel all over the world, spend years climbing higher and higher up the ladder of success, but you’ll take yourself wherever you go.

Time for us all to stop searching and not feeling enough. Everything we need has always been within ourselves.


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